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Make your digital transformation for Industry 4.0 with AI-Based MES/MOM system.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Retmes is an MESA-compliant integrated MES solution that manages the entire process of production processes between the production lines and ERP.

MES Nedir?

Our MES Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Explore the digital transformation experience.
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Manufacturing Intelligence

We offer the most appropriate tools for your business, using the latest technologies,

Machine Learning

Retmes's artificial intelligence algorithms are trained with millions of production data. The closest estimate is made according to the data model obtained from the training result. Learning continues with new data. Thus, the success of accurate prediction increases continuously.

Anomaly Detection with Artificial Intelligence

With Retmes, you can monitor and manage your factories end-to-end. With its Artificial Intelligence solutions, you can not only monitor your data, but also turn your factory into self-governing, decision-making autonomous systems on the way to becoming a Dark Factory.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance constantly checks the operation with the data collected from the machines and generates warnings and measures to be taken before the problem occurs. Reduces unplanned downtime.

Process Analysis

The main purpose of Retmes Systems is to maximize the efficiency of each production stage until the resources turn into goods or services. Every event that occurs during production, every change is recorded. The raw data is then analyzed and turned into meaningful data for continuous and automatic monitoring.

Central Monitoring & Reporting

Not only can your production facilities in different regions be monitored individually but can also be monitored and managed remotely from a single center.

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Local Monitoring

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Local Monitoring

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Local Monitoring

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Monitoring and Reporting

Why Retmes?

We are preparing your business for Industry 4.0
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Artificial Intelligence

It is a standard feature of our artificial intelligence system.

1M Data Per Second

We use the fastest data processing techniques. With Retmes, we can display 1 million data per second.

Web Based

We use the latest technologies. Retmes has a web-based interface and can work on the cloud.


By developing all the drivers you need, we eliminate the need for 3rd party software for integration.


We are not your supplier, we are your technology partner.

Special Solutions

We offer custom software solutions for your business.

%100 Compatible

We adapt to all your modules and tools, regardless of your infrastructure.

Turnkey Project

We are responsible for all phases of the project from data acquisition to ERP integration.


We share the Retmes's all events that are within the
scope of digital transformation.

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