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Power Management System

Energy saving and environmental awareness play a vital role in today's competitive production conditions. With end-to-end control of the energy system in your plants, Retmes PMS helps you improve your energy system by measuring losses in your system, increasing energy efficiency and reducing your energy cost. Retmes PMS shows the energy system in real time and gives an audible and visual notification to the related personnel in case of an alarm. Alerts by e-mail, SMS or phone call. time can be taken. Report calculations are prepared specifically for your facility. Thanks to the wide communication library, the brand integrates independently into your existing systems. You can monitor your energy system live with single line diagram; You can monitor the instant status of equipment such as switch, breaker, analyzer. If necessary, you can remotely control these equipment via a single line diagram. Retmes energy management solutions can be monitored with PCs, tablets and smartphones. With the web-based operation feature, many users can connect to the system at the same time. User identification module prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing the system. It can be managed via a standard web browser for access from all platforms. This allows single-center monitoring of systems and emergency plans.

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Package Includes

Sensor and Control Systems

Data is collected from the PLC and sensors in the production line and the necessary production controls are performed automatically.

Data Collection Services

Data collection services compatible with the world's leading PLC brands.

Historical Storage Services

Large-scale production data is stored historically, providing quick access when needed.

Power Management

It controls energy consumption, which is one of the biggest expense items.

User Management

Consumption data of the work order are automatically recorded, allowing analysis for optimum cost.

Consumption Management

Offers unlimited user support with group and user based authorization.

Reporting Services

Provides customized and flexible reports.

Real-Time Monitoring

Recorded millions of production data are displayed in seconds with algorithms in graphical or tabular form

Task Management

Assignment and follow up tasks on user or group basis.

Maintenance and Service Management

Provides management of equipment breakdowns, maintenance and parts replacement.

Data Analysis

It enables the analysis of the relationship between the collected data.

Notification Management

Sends E-mail, SMS and Mobile Application notifications according to defined set values.

Web Application

It is accessible from all platforms based on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android.

Rest API

Retmes's Rest APIs provide flexible, simple and fast communication over the HTTP protocol.

Integration Services (Optional)

The integration module has been developed in accordance with the integration technologies of the world's leading ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.).

Equipment Management and OEE (Optional)

Automatically measures and records production efficiency on the basis of equipment and operator.

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